e-Learning Edition Game Show Demonstration

Training games and review quizzes don't have to be complicated and humorless. Try the Game Show Presenter e-Learning Edition demo below. Click one of the sample quizzes. The elearning game show comes with an eLearning Quizwriter for making quizzes and adding them to your web site.

The quiz show game requires the Flash plug-in. (If you do not see anything opening in the window below, you may need to update your browser's Flash plug-in.) If nothing appears in the space below, try your browser's reload button.

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Get a domain-wide license for just $499. Add a great training and educational tool for your web site!

    Features in Game Show Presenter eLearning Edition:

  • Fast-loading, fast-paced game show quiz with animated host.
  • Opening menu can display many different quizzes for player's selection.
  • Make more than one guess per question. (Quiz author controls how many guesses are allowed. Points are reduced after each wrong answer.)
  • A JPG image can be included with a question.
  • Optional follow-up info. screen after correct answer is revealed.
  • Fill-in-the-blank style questions now supported. (A quiz can have a mix of question types)
  • Up to 5 possible answers on a multiple-choice question.
  • Multiple-choice answers are shuffled randomly each time they appear. (So players must work to remember the correct answer, not the correct key to press.)
  • Optional Review Game at end of quiz show allows player to review only the questions they missed in the first pass through the quiz.
  • New "Boot Camp" quiz show theme and 3 other theme choices.
  • Player has option to play the quiz without the quiz show.
  • Domain-wide license includes eLearning Quizmaker program. License info.)

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